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Specifications for banners/web ads

The banners on Mediahuset's websites should be 240 x 240 pixels. The same size can also be used in the newsletters. 

Ad material should be sent to  peo.gothesson@mediahuset.se and should preferably be received by us at least 7 days before planned publication date together with information regarding forwarding links.

We can also be helpful with producing material if desired. For other questions regarding banners, sen an email to  peo.gothesson@mediahuset.se

We work with the file formats GIF, JPEG, PNG and html5.
Note: banners in newsletters can only be GIF, JPEG or PNG. We recommend that GIF is used as it works without problems in most browsers and platforms, html5 for more advanced banners - only on websites.

You can use animated GIFs both on the websites and in the newsletters.

Html5 – to think about!

  • All links to images etc must be relative to index.html

  • All files must be in the root of the ZIP file. It is therefore not possible to make a ZIP file out of a folder that contains the files.

  • Keep the files in the lowest KB possible and do not load more scripts than what will be used. 
    That is, do not load jQuery if you are going to use Angular etc.

  • Video works but keep the file size low and no audio played by default.

  • Link to clickTAG is delivered separately

  • Download examples of html5-banner