Preceptorship program – Introducing Imlifidase in clinical practice

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Preceptorship program
– Introducing Imlifidase in clinical practice

First preceptorship program will be digital on Wednesday 15th of September 2021, 1:00PM to 4:30PM.

The transplant department at the University hospital in Uppsala (Akademiska sjukhuset) with a unique previous experience during the development phase of Imlididase wants to offer the transplant community within Scandiatransplant a preceptorship program. Our aim is to share our experiences and expertise with key professionals working in kidney transplantation teams at other transplantation centers mainly in the Nordic countries (Scandiatransplant). Hansa Biopharma has developed a unique antibody-cleaving enzyme, Imlifidase (Idefirix), originating from Streptococcus pyogenes that specifically targets IgG and inhibits IgG-mediated immune response. The drug received conditioned approval by the European Medical Agency (EMA) in August 2020 with the indication: Idefirix is indicated for desensitisation treatment of highly sensitised adult kidney transplant patients with positive crossmatch against an available deceased donor. The use of Idefirix should be reserved for patients unlikely to be transplanted under the available kidney allocation system including prioritisation programmes for highly sensitised patients.

The transplant community needs training to achieve clinical experience with this new pharmaceutical product in preoperative selection of patients, perioperative monitoring and long term follow up. 

On behalf of the organizers, Bengt von Zur-Mühlen, nephrologist

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Preliminary program, some lectures will be prerecorded but with on line Q&A

Moderator: Amir Sedigh

13:00-13:05     Welcome and Introduction
                                Amir Sedigh, Uppsala


13:05-13:15     Approval, efficacy, safety and
                                long-term outcome
                                Bengt von Zur-Mühlen, Uppsala


13:15-13.35     Patients that benefit the most
                                from desensitization
                                Oriol Bestard, Barcelona


13:35-14:00     Patient and donor considerations
                                and organ allocation
                                Mats Bengtsson, Uppsala


14:00-14:05     Break


14:05-14:25     Current status on a common
                                Scandiatransplant protocol
                                Tomas Lorant, Uppsala
                                Torbjörn Lundgren, Stockholm


14:25-14:45     Take home messages from the 06 trial
                                Bob Montgomery, NY


14:45-15:05     Discussion on patient and
                                donor selection


15:05-15:10     Break


15:10-15:25     AMR assessment and treatment
                                Tomas Lorant, Uppsala


15:25-15:45     Practical aspects on administration of                                     Imlifidase and coordination of
                                other biologics
                                Ashley Vo, LA


15:45-16:05     Game changer?
                                Stanley Jordan


16:05-16:25     Final discussion


16:25-16:30     Closing remarks
                                Amir Sedigh, Uppsala

Date & Time
15 September 2021
13:00 16:30 Europe/Stockholm

Mediahuset i Göteborg AB

031-707 19 30

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