Narkosguiden is a digital, practical, free handbook in anesthesia and intensive care whose popularity is steadily growing year by year. 

The material on website is written by specialists in anesthesia and intensive care with many years of experience in anesthesia work. The facts written in the handbook have been quality reviewed and approved by independent specialists in anesthesia and intensive care at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. 

The handbook can be read on computers, tablets and mobile phones and you can easily bookmark Narkosguiden on your home screen in your mobile or tablet. The goal of the site is to spread knowledge and safety in the work with anesthesia and intensive care and our ambition is that your questions should be answered within three clicks!

The handbook now contains 42 different chapters with medical information and treatment recommendations and is growing steadily with new chapters and languages.

Narkosguiden can be found at

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