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Vaskulär Medicin

The magazine Vaskulär Medicin is published in collaboration with the Swedish Association for Hypertension, Stroke and Vascular Medicin (SVM). SVM has been formed by uniting the Swedish Hypertension Society and the Swedish Association for Medical Angiology. The merger created a new, stronger association with a broader focus on cardiovascular medicine.  

SVM wants to work to develop national research, education and dissemination of knowledge in the field of cardiovascular medicine and prevention. The Swedish Society for Thrombosis and Hemostasis (SSTH) contributes to further developing and strengthening the content of the magazine. STTH's goal and part of the magazine is that it should be an association for  thrombosis and hemostasis-interested, clinically active doctors and scientists, throughout Sweden. The Swedish Renal Medicine Association (SNF) is another association that has joined forces for cooperation and will present current research and current progress in its field.

Vaskulär Medicin publishes information in vascular medicine, scientific data, review articles, congress reports, case descriptions etc. The magazine is distributed to members of the associations which include cardiologist, endocrinologists, angiologists, diabetologists, internal medicine and nephrologists. The magazine also reaches all health centers and other interested doctors.

Vaskulär Medicin is published four times a year in approximately 1,200 copies and can be read online at etidning.hypertoni.org. More about SVM can be found on the association's website, www.hypertoni.org.

Would you like to be seen in Vaskulär Medicin and reach approximately 1 200 readers interested in vascular medicine?

Contact Joacim Sjölander for further discussion, or click the "Contact me" button in order to enter your contact details! Reach Joacim by calling 0707 91 27 01 or send an email to  joacim@mediahuset.se  

Did you know that you can also advertise online on SVM's website hypertoni.org and in Vaskulär Medicins electronic newsletter which is sent out to all members in connection with each publication of the magazine?

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Frequently asked questions

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Nr Deadline for material Publishing day
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4 10 November 16 December

The electronic newsletter is sent out in connection to the publication of each magazine. The material must be delivered to us 7 days before the newsletter is sent out, at the latest.
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All banners must have a size of 240 x 240 pixels and we work the file formats GIFJPEGPNG and html5. However, we recommend that GIF format be used as it works without problems in most browsers and platforms. You can use animated gifs, which switches images, both on the web and in newsletters.

Advertising material is sent to peo.gothesson@mediahuset.se and should preferably be received by us at least 7 days before planned publication date together with information regarding forwarding links. We can also be helpful with producing material if desired. 

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I would like to contribute as a writer to the magazine, who do I turn to?

Vad kul, det uppskattar vi! Vänligen kontakta chefsredaktör Isak Lindstedt på isaklindstedt@hotmail.com för vidare diskussion.

How do I subscribe/cancel my subscription?

No problem! Send an email to info@mediahuset.se så hjälper vi dig, alternativt here.

How do you handle my personal information as a subscriber?

You will find all the information regarding out integrity policy at mediahuset.se/gdpr